9 sticks in each jar / 170 gr.

There are several advantages to incorporating healthy treats into your pet's diet. Treats add variety to their usual food, promoting a more exciting eating experience. They also encourage exercise for their teeth and jaws, contributing to dental well-being. Furthermore, treats serve as a form of behavioral enrichment, especially for animals confined to a small and limited environment. Most importantly, treats strengthen the bond between pets and their owners while assisting in training sessions.

INGREDIENTS: Timothy hay, wheat flour.

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: crude protein 14.0% (min), crude fat 1.2% (min), crude fiber 5.0% (max), moisture 10.0% (max)

FEEDING RECOMMENDATION: Offer 2-3 sticks per week to each animal. For convenience, the sticks can be placed on a skewer (sold separately). Remember to always provide fresh and clean drinking water for your pets.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store the Timothy Puff Sticks in a cool and dry place to maintain their quality and freshness.


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